Well of course:

TITLE:   The Bible

Author (s):  God who's words are written by numerous men - "first hand" accounts!


TITLE:  How To Listen To God

Author:  Charles Stanley

Notes:   A very inspirational book about how you can hear God's voice today if you will only learn how to listen to it!


TITLE:   Heaven

Author:   Randy Alcorn

Notes:   Want to know what Heaven will be like?  This book give you insight as to what to expect in heaven and what a wonderful home God has prepared for us!    This book deserves HUGE praise!

TITLE:    The Prayer of Jabez

Author:    Bruce Wilkinson

Notes:     A quick read, but very enjoyable and interesting.   You should give this prayer a try!   This book was a gift from a friend and I thoroughly enjoyed it!


TITLE:   Left Behind

Author (s):  Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins 

Notes:   This is the first book in a series of books about the Rapture, Antichrist and Return of Jesus Christ. Although these are novels, there is much scripture and all of them are a very interesting read.  Real page turners!


TITLE:    The Ranch of Rescued Dreams HOPE RISES

Author:   Kim Meeder

Notes:      A book of extremely inspirational stories written by a woman who runs a ranch in Oregon for rescued horses and abused and underpriveldged children.  GREAT READ!


TITLE:   The Purpose Driven Life

Author:   Rick Warren

Notes:     This book, literally, turned my life around.  It is unbelievable insight about our lives and how to discover the purpose for our lives.  This book is on my BEST READ List !!!


 TITLE:  This Present Darkness

Author:  Frank E. Peretti

Notes:    A good novel, one in a series of books about the struggles between good and evil.


 TITLE:  The Holy Spirit

Author:  Billy Graham

Notes:  A great book answering your questions "Who is the Holy Spirit"


TITLE:   23 Days in Hell

Author:   Bill Wiese

Notes:   First hand account of a man who spent 23 days in hell and then returned to tell the story.   Highly recommend!!  Glad I'm not going there!


TITLE:   Heaven is for Real

Author:   Todd Burpo

Notes:   Wonderful, fantastic book about a 4 year old boy who had the opportunity to visit heaven!   Read, read, read!!!! 

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TITLE: Angels

Author:  Billy Graham

Notes:  A story to inspire us that we are not alone.  Many biblical references regarding Angels.  A very good book about how God uses His angels to help us with extraordinary divine intervention by angels as ministering spirits.

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