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Dog Is Reunited With Owner After House Fire ()
Preview A house fire can be completely devastating. Not only have you been through a very scary experience, but you are left without the place you know and love and all of your possessions. It’s hard to adjust to a new place and start over with nothing, but this is the reality for many people around the world. This man knows all too well about how terrifying a house fire can be and just what it’s like to return to where you used to live and see nothing but rubble. This man is returning home for the first time since a devastating California fire came through his home. He walks up the long drive and all you can see is smoke and dirt. But this man was there for one reason and that was to see if his beloved dog had survived the ordeal. They were separated during the initial fire and this owner has been worried sick the entire time. Now that it is safe to come back, he’s hoping his best buddy managed to come through alive. Just watch as he rounds the corner of the driveway and the dog comes running right at him. I know that both of them are so happy to see each other and a lot of prayers have been answered. I can’t imagine being separated from my furbaby from something like a fire, but I’m so glad that these two were able to be reunited and everyone is okay. God was truly with this dog the entire time.
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Cockatoo Has Funny Reaction To Owner's Disappearing Act ()
Preview If you have been on the Internet recently, you may have noticed a new challenge going around. The challenge consists of fooling your dog by pulling a blanket or sheet up in front of you and then ‘disappearing’ when the blanket comes down. There have been so many different kinds of reactions from dogs and more and more people are starting to record their own animal’s reactions. But I think this pet owner takes the cake with this particular challenge. He decided to see what his cockatoo’s reaction would be when he hid behind a blanket and disappeared. Just watch as Angel the Cockatoo sits on the edge of the sofa and watches as her human brings the blanket up and down a few times. Then, he brings the blanket up and in the blink of an eye, the blanket drops and Angel’s owner is gone. The cockatoo is absolutely floored. She starts to make all kinds of noise, flapping her wings and even running back and forth on the sofa. This disappearing act has completely fooled Angel and she doesn’t even know what to do right now. But before she gets too frantic, Angel’s owner appears and bends down to pet her and let her know that everything is all right. This is definitely a reaction I haven’t seen before. Now that we have seen dogs and birds react to this challenge, what animal do you think will be next? Have you tried this out on any of your animals yet?
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