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Mom Saves Daughter After Stage Fright During Talent Show ()
Preview There's truly nothing like the bond between a mother and her child. And this beautiful clip showcases that perfectly. It was Makayla’s turn to perform at her school’s talent show. She decided to sing the inspiring song “Rise Up” by Andra Day. Just watch as Makayla walks up to the microphone and begis to sing. She was doing so well, but by the time she got to the chorus of the song, she began to feel a little overwhelmed. She got so anxious, that she stopped singing. All eyes were on her as emotions flooded her body. She stood there frozen and the began to cry. That is when her mother Shaye stood up and did the most touching thing. She knew that it was her time to step in and teach her daughter how to persevere. She was eager to get Makayla through the song, so picking up where Makayla left off, Shaye sang as she walked to the stage to stand next to her daughter. She nudged Makayla to sing along with her and everyone clapped and cheered. That gave her the courage to finish the song. And her mother stood there holding her hand until Makayla was done singing the song. I am sure this moment is going to resonate with Makayla for the rest of her life. She will always know that he mom has her back and will stand right beside her whenever she needs her support.
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Priest Sings 'Everybody Hurts' For Talent Audition ()
Preview Father Ray Kelly went viral a few years ago when a video of him singing at a wedding was viewed millions of times. Now, this priest is taking his vocal skills to the big stage as he auditions for Britain's Got Talent. Father Kelly chose to perform R.E.M’s ‘Everybody Hurts’ because, as a minister of faith, he felt that he could relate to it. Everybody goes through tough times in their lives but it's how we move forward that truly matters. And as soon as Father Kelly started to sing, I knew this performance was going to be amazing. The very first note sent chills right up my spine. There's no doubt that Father Kelly has a God-given talent. This 64-year-old priest definitely has a voice and he's letting the whole world hear it. After this performance, there's no question that he's moving on to the next round. He even got a thumbs up from Simon. I can't wait to hear what he sings next!
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